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Every teacher or researcher from one Higher Education Institution can register at the platform.
It is expected that the profile information is completed due to importance of proper notifications related with their research area.
Benefits for Teachers/ Researchers:
  • To be connected with private, public and nonprofit organizations and to be contacted by them if they aim to ask for an expert in a certain area;

  • To be able to manage your students master themes, by displaying the themes and allow students to choose through the platform;

  • To give opportunity to your students to develop applied research in their academic works.

Professional Profile

Every people working at organizations and, specially the alumni from a Higher Education Institution where teachers use the platform are welcome to complete their profiles and choose what areas of expertize are interested in.
You display a challenge and it will be sent for all profiles that accomplish your requirements and you will be contacted by them later.
Benefits for Professionals:
  • To promote their brand and as a result find the best talent to be recruited;

  • To easily find experts;

  • To solve daily problems through young research made by master students or other students under supervision from a teacher.

Student/Alumni Profile

All students are invited to register at the platform, because if you are in a bachelor degree you may want to develop assignments applied to practice in order to meet professional’s problems.
Master students can also find some insights for their essays. You may also be at the network as a front door to meet with future employers.
Benefits for Students:
  • To find a potential employer at home or abroad;

  • To develop international skills, so valued in nowadays, by being part of community where English is the main language;

  • To develop applied research to real problems, and turn learning more interesting than work on hypothetical problems.


Challenge Academy is the product of a European project 2013-2015 (Reference 539312-LLP-1-2013-1-PT-ERASMUS-EKA 2013-3296, co-financed with the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission.
The current rate of unemployment among young graduates, the difficulty of attracting private funds to research and the promotion of crowdsourcing as a way to bring together companies, students and academics. In order to improve and adapt the platform for the Latin American countries a new project has started in 2016, financed by European Commission through the programme Erasmus + (Reference - 573641-EPP-1-2016-1-PT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP).


What happenes if a Professional creates a challenge at the Challenge Academy Platform?

  • Professionals: Display a challenge at the platform about a daily problem to be solved and can be contacted by students and/ or teachers according with the requirements.
  • Students: Receive the notifications from Professionals and Teachers. Can answer to both and develop a solution for the problem.
  • Teachers/Researchers: Receive the notifications from Professionals and could transform it in thesis or assignments for their students. They also can contact the professional to know more about the challenge.

What happenes if a Teacher/Researcher presents a thesis theme or an assignment at the Challenge Academy Platform?

  • Teachers/Researchers: Display the theme that will be sent to students according with the requirements (Academic Information).
  • Professionals: Can receive notifications if the theme is in one field of interest choose to receive these information's about expertize fields.
  • Students: Receive the notifications Teachers and can express the interest to work on it, but decision will be made outside the platform by the teacher.

Contact us

Thank you for your collaboration with the Challenge Academy Platform. If you would like to contact our team you can use one of the contacts bellow.

Privacy Policy

The Challenge Academy, also known as the "platform" respects and protects the data protection rights. By accessing the platform you are accepting the terms and conditions contained in this Privacy Policy. By submitting your personal data, you authorize the use thereof for the purposes listed below.

If you disagree with the Privacy Policy of the platform, please do not use it or the services associated with.

Personal data

The Challenge Academy platform does not collect any personal data (name, address, telephone number) apart from that voluntarily provided through registration, email or direct contact.

Use of the data provided

By submitting your personal data you authorize it to be used to give you access to specific features of the platform (eg. submitting challenges and/or solutions, contacting users, submitting comments, and notifications) and, in parallel, for the following purposes:

  • Data storage and processing in order to assess the needs of the platform users, and make improvements in the services provided.
  • Sending information about new products/features of the Challenge Academy platform, which might meet your needs as a user.
  • Carrying out questionnaires/surveys online in order to understand and assess the needs and the quality of the services provided.
  • Sending notifications of new challenges in the platform.

The Challenge Academy will only proceed with the registration, use or disclosure of personal data for the purposes described in its Privacy Policy. Your information will not be given, sold or shared with third parties. Using the data is an exception in the following situations:

  • When required by law or by judicial or governmental institutions with the power to do so.
  • When necessary to establish or maintain a complaint or legal defense.
  • When necessary to protect against cases of fraud or other illegalities, such as computer attacks on the platform.
  • With other purposes directly related to the original purpose for which they were provided.
Use of personal data and communications

When you access the platform through your telecommunication services, communication (eg. IP address) or data usage (eg. Information at the beginning, end and extent of each access, and information of telecommunication services accessible to you) are created automatically and may be related to personal data. In these circumstances, where appropriate, registration, processing and use of telecommunications or data usage services can happen and be performed in accordance with the applicable laws.

Automatic registration of non-personal data

When accessing the Challenge Academy, non-personal data may be automatically recorded (eg . average time spent on site, number of visits, type of browser, operating system ) This information may be used to monitor the platform visibility, and improve our services.

Information stored automatically on your computer - Cookies

When you access the platform some data are automatically stored on your personal computer in the form of "cookies". This information enables your personal computer to be automatically recognized during the next visit and, consequently, the improvement of the platform accessibility. If you do not wish to receive cookies, you should configure your Internet browser to delete or block all cookies, or alternatively receive a warning before storing them.

Security measures

The Challenge Academy respects all appropriate security measures aimed at protecting personal data against disclosure, destruction, alteration or unauthorized access. These measures include internal rectifications to the practices of recording, storing and processing data, as well as the constant adjustment of the adopted safety practices (eg. encryption mechanisms, and access controls against unauthorized access).

Only employees of the Challenge Academy have access to the data provided. Suppliers and agents who need to access the data for processing, will only have access to it when instructed to do so and under confidentiality agreements, and shall be subject to sanctions for non-compliance.

Links to third parties

The platform may include links to other web sites. The Challenge Academy is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of these sites.

Owner and file manager

The owner of the web page, and file manager of this page, according to the Law for Protection of Personal Data, is ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, VAT Number 501 510 184, located on Avenida das Forças Armadas, 1649-026 Lisboa, e-mail challengeacademy@iscte.pt.

Veracity of the information provided

The user guarantees that the data provided is correct, and is responsible for its updating. In any case, ISCTE-IUL reserves the right to cancel the data after two years if the user has been inactive.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may periodically change. However, the Challenge Academy undertakes not to reduce the user rights herein defined without your consent. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted on the platform.


If you wish to clarify any questions, or make suggestions or comments please send an email to: challengeacademy@iscte.pt.

Terms of Service

The clauses listed below establish the terms governing the use of the Challenge Academy platform, hereinafter also referred to as "the platform”. The use of the platform implies acceptance of a binding contract with Challenge Academy in the Terms of Use and Confidentiality described here.

If you do not accept the Terms of Use and Confidentiality stipulated herein, please do not use the platform or the services associated with it. At any time, and without prior notice, changes may be made to the Terms of Use Confidentiality. Accordingly, the user should regularly consult them.


1. The platform

The platform provides a service through which organizations can seek innovative solutions to problems/issues they encounter in their institutions. These organizations may be private, public or non-profit or other entities, and should register as Professional. The issues are published on the platform, in the form of challenges, and the organization. The profile of solvers (Students/ Teachers) can be defined by the organization, which is responsible for selecting the winning solution.

By using the platform, the user acknowledges that the Challenge Academy has no responsibility in the nature, legality, quality or timeliness of the challenges published here, nor in the selection of the challenges’ winners. The Challenge Academy is a neutral entity, which simply offers the virtual space for challenges and solutions to be submitted. It is the responsibility of the Challenge Academy to keep the platform up to date, and, whenever authorized, to publish the results of the proposed solutions, as well as the prizes won.

Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that the publications or contents are continuously updated.

2. Use restrictions

The platform may only be used by individuals over 18 who are not prevented, by law or mental incapacity, from signing legally binding contracts. Those who fail to comply with these requirements may not use the platform.

3. Registration

Teachers, researchers, alumni, professionals and students can register on the platform. When registering the user agrees to the Terms of Use and Confidentiality of the platform. Filling in the registration fields is mandatory and the user is responsible for the veracity of the data provided. The same login and password may not be used by other users, who may also not disclose or share their password with others, nor use it for inadequate purposes.

After registering the user will receive an e-mail message with a link to confirm the registration.

Any unauthorized use of your account, security breach, loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure of your password/login should be reported via the following email: challengeacademy@iscte.pt.

4. User Information

Users may, at any time, have the opportunity/need to communicate with other users. Any information provided to the Challenge Academy or other users during registration or use of the platform services, in any area of public or private messages, is the sole responsibility of the users.

The Challenge Academy is not responsible for the information provided, for the solutions presented or for personal posts of the users, acting only as a distribution and contact promotion channel between them. Thus, the Challenge Academy reserves the right to react against this information if it does not fit on the platform services or in any way makes the Challenge Academy liable. Similarly, the Challenge Academy reserves the right to cancel the user's account if any misuse or violation of the law occurs.

The user states that the information provided is true and does not deliberately violate any copyright, property, or advertising, trademarks and patents, as well as other third-party rights. The user undertakes not to violate the law and not to act in a defamatory or threatening manner towards other users or third parties.

The Challenge Academy will use the user information in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

5. Provisions relating to challenges

Through the data validation system, the Challenge Academy tries to ensure the reliability of the information, but it is not possible to control all the information provided or made available on the platform. Thus, the users should be aware of the possibility of the information provided by other users being inaccurate.

6. Provisions relating to solutions

When the user presents a solution (solver) in response to a challenge placed on the platform, only this user is entitled to seek protection, in the form of a patent or other, for the solution presented and the activity/investigation resulting therefrom . Similarly, the solver has the legal right to disseminate and transmit to the seeker any intellectual property rights arising from the proposal submitted.

7. Property, Limited License and Copyright

The Challenge Academy platform, including its domain, content, and services are the property of ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa and, therefore, it may not be used, modified, copied, distributed, reproduced, displayed, transmitted or sold in any form or by any means, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of its owners.

All the contents present in the platform (logos, icons, images, texts, tables, etc.) are the property of the Challenge Academy or its users. The compilation of all content on the platform is the exclusive property of the Challenge Academy.

8. Responsibility and Exorability

The Challenge Academy has no control over acts of omission or false statements made by users, nor over the quality of the solutions and challenges presented in the platform.

The Challenge Academy is not responsible for the fact that a solution presented does not generate intellectual property rights. The platform shall not be liable for any damages or expenses arising from proceedings or claims resulting from the use of the platform by the users.

9. Confidentiality

Users undertake not to use, disclose or provide any information relating to other users.

Users undertake not to disclose to the Challenge Academy and the other users any information they are required by contract or otherwise, to keep confidential.

The Challenge Academy undertakes, in accordance with its Privacy Policy, not to disclose or provide any information relating to users of the platform.

In the case of improper participation of the users, particularly regarding legal violations before the parties or third parties, and regarding breaches of confidentiality obligations, these users undertake to defend, indemnify or exonerate the Challenge Academy from all the claims, actions and expenses arising.

Disclosure of information between seekers and solvers does not give either party the right of intellectual property, nor legitimacy to seek protection of any rights or license regarding the information released.

10. Links to other web sites

The platform may contain links to other web sites, which are not controlled by the Challenge Academy. Thus, the Challenge Academy can not be held responsible for the contents and opinions conveyed by them.

11. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use and Confidentiality will be construed in accordance with Portuguese law, under the jurisdiction of the District of Lisbon.